Millcreek and rub rails

has anyone built thier Millcreek without the rub rails? i don't see any real reason to them on at this point...ithink it looks good without them. i guess i just wanna be done!

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RE: Millcreek and rub rails

I'm sure it looks good without but it will look better with - from experience wwith other boats i've built the rub rails would have a purpose in protecting that part of the kayak from paddle abuse, abrasion or dings - don't give up the ship yet

RE: Millcreek and rub rails

the rub rails on my 16.5 have take most of the abuse from the metal docks the Minnesota DNR puts at all the boat landings. Without them the deck would have taken the hits.



RE: Millcreek and rub rails


I hear you.  I was thinking the same thing a few weeks ago.  However, in the end I put them on, and as a result I think it finishes off the kayak better.  If you plan to paint the hull, the rubrail assists in keeping paint off the deck etc.  I do wish I had sanded that area before installing the rub rails.  It is difficult to sand beneath the rail later.


RE: Millcreek and rub rails

PS:  The rub rails go on very quickly, but it helps to have an extra set of hands.


RE: Millcreek and rub rails

Well you guys talked me into it. i had already glued them together weeks ago so i am going go do them now...wish me luck as i have not an extra pair of hands...thanks for all your input!

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