Why does my "68lb" triple weigh 90lbs?:)

Ok gang, here's a question for you... I just finished my first build (a triple). I figured it would be a tad bit over the spec'd 68lbs because of my extra expoy coats, my sloppy cockpit that has quite a few wrinkles, and my large fillets. But I swear I must have sanded off ten pounds of "extra" expoxy getting the cockpit, hull and deck smooth... so, why do I have a 90 lb boat? Granted, this tub did use every bit of the 3 gallons of supplied epoxy:)

The boat is still dream to paddle, the Mrs. started complaining, during our frequent loading and unload while on a recient San Juans trip, that the new boat seemed a lot heavier than the old plastic singles (65lbs)... I mentioned that it probably was indeed heavier, but more like 75 or so... the scale told a different story:) 

How off have the wieghts been on some of your builds?

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