Deck beam radius question

I'm building my second boat now (16LT from plans, not kit), and I have an issue with the deck beam radius.  The beam should have a finished radius of 16 inches, and the booklet suggests forming it at 15" to allow for springback.

No problem, I built the clamping jig and epoxied up the beam.  On taking it off the jig, however, I got roughly zero springback, so I now have a 15" radius deck beam.  Now what?

I've considered a couple of options. 

1. I can use it as is and cut the bulkheads to match the curve of the deck beam.  That's probably the simplest. 

2. I can add an additional strip or two of 4mm to the beams and plane it to something closer to a 16" radius.  Do-able, but a pain.

 In building a 17LT previously, I did neither, and ended up with a gap between the top of the bulkheds and the deck that I had to fill for watertightness between the compartments.

So my question is:  Is the difference between a 15 or 16 inch radius that big a deal?  Of course if time and trouble were not an issue, I'd build another jig & re-form the beams, but I hate to add a week to my build time if it's no biggie.

Opinions from the experts?

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