Over squidgying the epoxy, milky....hide?


I oversquidgied and overworked the fibreglass only in some parts as I put a dollop of epoxy resin too much in some places.

Some areas are slightly milky due to this. I just want to know, this milk appearence does not effect the strength of the fibreglass only the look? Most of the milky patches are raised dried drops over the epoxy, where it is thin, there is no milky areas. Its not bubbles underneath as I checked.

I will now put the next layers of epoxy on. Also, may a varnish with a tint in it hide to some extent the milk spots? Thanks.

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RE: Over squidgying the epoxy, milky....hide?

<DING> Hi again,

I just went for it and the milky patches now are hidden to a decent extent with the new layer of epoxy.

 One thing, some of the side between hull and side panels are milky, I really need to get out with it and paddle it due to the relatively short summer here (I do paddle in winter but summer is nice!)

However, after varnishing the San O, is it then possible to use marine paint over that on the sides at a later date say by autumn time to hide any blotches? I think also I dont want to spend time to accesorise with hatch etc so will do that then too.

RE: Humidity

High humidity level when the fill coat is applied has been know to cause a milky appearance.

RE: Over squidgying the epoxy, milky....hide?


I dont think it was that as I did the bottom in similar conditions and it was fine. The top I put too much epoxy down on the weave as I was trying to work quickly and I think that what it was.

 Anyway, it looks fine now after extra layers. If it falls apart oneday in the water due to this, ill just have to swim.

RE: Over squidgying the epoxy, milky....hide?

You'll be fine James.  It may be that you just need to scrape/sand out the areas that are milky, if it's just a thick layer of epoxy, and you won't notice them.  If you don't like the look, you can always paint it.  Strength shouldn't be an issue, though, as long as you actually wetted out the glass and you don't have in raised/folded areas in it.



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