LT-17 as a coaching boat

I've had my Chesapeake LT-17 complete for two seasons now and love it.  I also teach sailing to adults through our club on Lake St Clair in Michigan. It is a 12 week course and by week 8 or 9, we send the students out without an instructor in the boat. (The students sail Flying Scots, 3 to a boat.) Once the students are on their own, I use my LT-17 for a coaching/chase boat.  It is so fast that I can paddle right up next to a student boat to give instruction the zoom ahead to the next boat up wind.  The LT-17 can consistently out-run the Scots up to about 8-10 knots of wind with a 1-2 foot chop! Of course I hear "What a beautiful kayak" over and over again.  Thanks for a great design.


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RE: LT-17 as a coaching boat

I was thinking of a C16 or Shearwater but the C 17LT might also work for me: would it be possible to see your boat.


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