Last nite I put on the final coat of epoxy on my mc16.5. This morning when I went to check my work I forund about a dozen flys on my hull and bottom Thought I'd just pass along some dumb funny things can could happen while building a kayak


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RE: flys

On one of my builds I found a bunch of grass blades and a few dead mosquitos UNDER the fiberglass on the bottom of the hull.  Good thing I was planning to paint instead of varnish!  I heard one story of a builder whose cat just had to come in and shed all over the final coat of varnish.  

RE: flys

My paint job 2 weeks ago ended up with some cat hair, a beard hair, 2 mosquitoes, 3 moths (including one which landed, crawled across 6 inches or so of the bottom leaving prints and scattering wing scales before finally collapsing in the paint) and a junebug.

The moral of the story, as far as the bugs were concerned, seemed to be don't paint at night.



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