Volume for a Chesse 16

Does anyone know what the complete volume would be for a Chesse 16?  Do you also have a breakdown for each compartment if hatches are used front and back?  Thanks.

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RE: Volume for a Chesse 16


You need to get a little more specific. What level of accuracy do you need? And what exactly do you mean by complete volume? Are you asking about the capacity or about the amount of water it would displace if totally submerged (assuming the cockpit is covered). Give us a clue as to what you really want so we'll be able to help you.

 In the meantime, the safe max payload is 260 lbs. Since water weighs 64 lbs/cu ft, that's just about 4 cubic feet. Is that close enough?



RE: Volume for a Chesse 16

Sorry, I was looking for a gallon figure.  Thanks.

RE: Volume for a Chesse 16

I recently sat in a kayak that had a "volume" of 69.4 gallons total. front hatch 10.3 gals, day hatch 6.2 gals and rear hatch 15 gals.  I assume that meant water capacity since they refer to "gallons"?  There was some concern wether I will fit into a Ches 16 with a 6'1 200 lbs frame size 11 shoe.  The kayak I sat in was 16' with 22.5 inch beam and I felt very comfortable in it. They said volume is "a" factor in how it will "fit" the paddler and I will have to sit in the actual model to confirm, which I plan on doing in Madison next week.  But in the mean time, I continue to do my research before I build anything.  Thanks.

RE: Volume for a Chesse 16

Both gallons & cubic feet are volumes. 260 lbs is the same as 32.5 gallons of water. The metric system would make this so much easier (118 kg = 118 liters, sigh).

Volume by itself is not really a good basis for comparison. You can have lots of volume, but most of it can be unusable due to shape or for safety reasons. That 260 lbs is the safe payload for the CH16. There's going to be a fair bit of empty volume in addition to the 32.5 gallons.

The smartest thing you can do is exactly what you're planning on - try out a demo version of the boat.

My guess, BTW, is that you'd be happier in a 17LT (which would also be faster and hardly any more effort to build). Try out both next week.



RE: Volume for a Chesse 16

Thanks for the reply.  I was going to attend and finally get my answer but was just informed they will not be bringing the Chesse 16. 

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