Uhoh- broken bilge panel

We were about ready to start the "stitching" part of the Mill Creek build tonight but there was an accident and one of the bilge panels snapped in half right next to the scarf joint. (Pic link attached) It's a relatively clear break - wondering if that could be epoxied and perhaps fiberglass taped (on the inside? on both?) or if I should just get a replacement panel. I got the kit, so no handy "splint" sized pieces of plywood.


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RE: Uhoh- broken bilge panel

That could be repaired as you say by gluing and a glass patch inside and out. If you go that route, orient the glass on the bias. That is, the threads should be crossing the wood at a 45 degree angle, not lined up lengthwise. If it's not on the bias, half the threads will be making no contribution to resisting the forces. Orienting on the bias makes the joint 40% stronger.

There is the possibility of a bump at the joint or a flat spot in the bend, so if you care about cosmetics, order a new panel.

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RE: Uhoh- broken bilge panel

Yep, Laz has it right...just glue and tape it and you can carry on with the work.

 Robert (agreei)N(g with Laz) Pruden

RE: Uhoh- broken bilge panel

Great - thanks for the cross-bias tip.

One thought - am I likelier to have extra source material in the fiberglass "tape" or the bolt of cloth?

My planned sequence is - epoxy with Cab-O-Sil & clamps, let dry & clean, fiberglass both sides, let dry and clean/sand, return to service.

 What do you guys think about adding a matching patch to the other side? Would that balance the "flattened curve" effect?


RE: Uhoh- broken bilge panel

As an update - the repaired panel has now been stitched in - looks like it'll work although that did tip me over to decide on glassing the interior (listed as an option in the plans.) 



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