RC Independence builder tip

The manual for the kit builder instructs you to bend radio control connection bars for servos and controls to a slight "Z" shape.  The manual doesn't mention that there is a special tool for creating the proper bend, appropropriatley called "Z' Bend pliers.  Take my word for it, don't try it with needle noses.  It's $14.95 worth of frustration saved.  Do your math on your dollar cost to frustration level; then go to this website, http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXL475&P=0

 Best,  Bob H.

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RE: RC Independence builder tip

"Z" bends are nice and having the "Z" bend pliers is the only way to go if you have to use the "Z" bend. I would recomend dumping the "Z" bend altogether. Use a ball link. They are slop free and will give you years of consistent use.

 Towwerhobbies will offer the ball links in many sizes..


RE: RC Independence builder tip

Let me weigh in on this one.  Since we sail on salt water we are continually fighting corrosion.

The best combination we have come up with is to use 1/16th" stainless steel welding rod (welding supply store) for the rudder steering rod.  Z bend on one end and something called an EZ connector (RC part made by Dubro or Great Planes) on the other.  This makes it so it is easy to adjust the rudder centerspoint.  Remember to file a flat on the rudder post for the steering arm on the rudder post.

Be sure to replace the stop screw in the EZ Connector with a stainless screw. Also the stop screw on the steering arm, because they will seize up from corrosion (guess how we know?).

RE: RC Independence builder tip


Excellent tip and thanks for weighing in!  We beginner Indy builders need more tips like these because the salt water factor is priority one for those of us sailing in those conditions.  I've already replaced or plan to replace any nuts or screws with stainless parts, but I hadn't considered a stainless rod for the rudder, or even for the set screw on the tiller (for the flat spot on the rudder post).  I also plan to secure the pilot house lid with a few SS screws to keep it from coming off during sailing.  Also, enveloping the RX, batteries (and even servos very carefully) in ziplocs, or something similar will help in the salt water corrosion effort.  I just ordered my radio equipment because I finished the hull and deck and gave her the bathtub test.  She floats with no leaks!  Thanks Dave!  Best, Bob H.

RE: RC Independence builder tip

As an avid R/C plane builder I recommend the Z bender plyers also, it has been one of my best investments. Also usinf the ez connectors is a great way to make things easy for hookup and adjustment. If you don't want to buy plyers you can by push rods that have one end threaded and get theaded snap links they are cheap and gives you more adjustment, they are also nylon so there is no corrosion problems. You would still want to use a ez connector on the other end of the push rod.

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