Okoumefest Weather Forecast

Mr. Accuweather says:

Friday will be breezy & rainy, high of 70

Saturday partly sunny, high of 70, west wind at 15 mph gusting to 28 with no chance of precipitation.

So no mudfest (YAY!!) and only enough wind to let the Pocketship strut her stuff, as opposed to the gales a couple of years ago. UV index will be high (7) so everyone bring your hats & sunscreen.

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RE: Okoumefest Weather Forecast


The weather looks great.  Saturday, 65 degrees, partly cloudy, winds northerly about 8kts. 

Maybe some rain on Friday;  that's okay for our purposes since all the activity is indoors at CLC.

RE: Okoumefest Weather Forecast

Just from the looks of it, it must be cool up there.  I see on the live shopcam a large crowd of people wearing jackets as they watch a demonstration involving a Mill Creek 16.5. 

Meanwhile, the storms have passed through the heart of dixie yesterday, and it is sunny in the upper 80s right now.  Best wishes for fair weather for all the OkoumeFest attendees.

RE: Okoumefest Weather Forecast

sure wouls like some audio on the cam, maybe not, no cursing in the shop

RE: Okoumefest Weather Forecast

I wish my job was like a weatherman's, I mean meteorologist's. Just look out the window, say "Yup, it's raining" or not, throw some dice to make a prediction and get paid whether it's anywhere near reality or not. I mean, I know that weather physics is complex and that chaos theory sets fundamental limits on forecast accuracy, but you'd think that with the billions of dollars worth of satellites and all that computing power they'd at least be able to get it right 2 days in advance.

The weather at Okoumefest in fact turned out to be cloudy and scattered showers in the morning, clearing in the afternoon,  temperatures in the high 50's low 60's until late in the day with very light and variable winds.

RE: Okoumefest Weather Forecast

The weather was great - not too wet and not too windy or cold.  Perfect demo days, finished off with a brilliant sunset and a misty, gorgeous Sunday morning backdrop against the Pocketship.  Great times, good food, and a chance to meet some great folks and paddle some designs I've only read about.  

Next Step - which kit (or two) do I order?



S. Carsten


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