fillets - epic fail

Chesapeake 17LT

Due to my stupidity, fillets were way too runny and sagged, leaving a giant mess of epoxy, sawdust and fiberglass tape in my hull...  It's nasty.  

My first time filleting ended up in a fail of epic proportions - I've had a very depressing day.
This is a potentially expensive lesson :(

Is there any way to salvage my hull or do I need to buy new wood and start over?
Is it possible to sand through it all and redo it?!?  Is it worth it?!?

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RE: fillets - epic fail


We've all been there. 

Mount up some 60-grit and grind off the worst of the slag.

Then mix some thickened epoxy---closer to Creamy Jiff Peanut Butter this time---and create new fillets atop the bad ones.  At worst the boat gets a little heavier but a little stronger.

More on fillets

RE: fillets - epic fail

Wait!  How long has it set?  If it isn't rock hard, get a stiff putty knife and see what you can scrape off.  A heat gun / hairdryer can also help soften it.  If you can get under the tape, you might be able to pull a lot of it off and that is way easier than sanding once it is hard.


Good luck!


- Bob

RE: fillets - epic fail

Feeling a bit better today.  Will use my random orbital sander and see what I can get off.  On the plus side, the center chine epoxy is super thick and strong, due to the pooling effect :D

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