in need of varnish

I got my two ducks in the water on a couple of cloudy days and they made it back okay so now its time to varnish.I seem to be having a problem finding the interlux schooner varnish that my plans suggest.Are there other brands or kinds that work as good maybe even better that i might find around here.In my search for varnish i did find a new supplier for my epoxy for the next build.Most waterproof varnishes i find around here, it says on the can for( above the waterline)Is this a concern if my yaks r in water only when being used, and will they be okay in salt water as well as fresh??I know many questions but i appreciate the help

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RE: in need of varnish

Cheap, readily available, good UV protection, (did I mention cheap?), works great, been using it on all kinds of boats for years, including my prize kayaks.  Ready?  It's MINWAX Helmsman Spar Urethane Varnish, available at your local box store, in high gloss, semi-gloss & satin, for around $11 per quart.  I stopped paying $39/qt for "good" varnish a long time ago.  The don't use below the water line is a caution if you are going to be keeping you boat in the water for days/weeks...not of concern to us 'akers.  Varnish-on.  Jer

RE: in need of varnish

is the minwax strong enough to hold up in salt water??

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