/Fiberglassing rear deck and combing on millcreek 13

2 questions about the millcreek 13. 1) Does the fiberglass from the deck overlap the sheer panels or do i trim the excess off where they meet? 2) Once the  combing is glued on does it get a lip glued on the outside? i have two extra pieces that look like that is where they would go but the plans do not indcate such.


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RE: /Fiberglassing rear deck and combing on millcreek 13

1.  Yes, the glass should lap over onto the sides at 1 - 2".  This is what really ties the deck to the hull.

2.  The strips go on the outboard side of the coamings port and starboard.  Glue them on with epoxy & cabosil.  When you sand the combination you will have a nice edge to grab on to.  On my MC 16.5 I also made a strip for the aft side of the aft coaming.  I steamed it and bent it on a jig before attempting installation.  It's the only MC 16.5 I have seen with this added touch.

Good luck.  It sounds like you are almost done.

Paul G

RE: /Fiberglassing rear deck and combing on millcreek 13

Thanks Paul i really thought thats where those pieces went but it was not mentioned in the book. Yes i am almost there...it's been alittle over a year since i started(over 3 since i bought the kit) so i am getting really pumped at almost having it done!

RE: /Fiberglassing rear deck and combing on millcreek 13

I am getting close to finishing my MC 16.5, building from plans. A good friend and experienced wooden boat builder has given advice and help along the way.

One of this touches is 1/2" maple  trim around the top edge of the coaming rail, inside and outside of the cockpit. This is glued with a 1/4" gap (the thickness of my coming) that gets filled with epoxy colored with redwood wood flour.

The trim looks great and gives you something to hold on to. It also helps keep water from splashing into the cockpit. The redwood epoxy fill ends up looking like an intricate redwood inlay that contrasts nicely with the clear maple. I am adding mother of pearl inlays into that as well.


I will post pics when available. (should be done this month)

RE: /Fiberglassing rear deck and combing on millcreek 13

Can you tell me a little about how you did the coambings? i am at this stage right now, i have the vertical part of the coaming in, but the bending part is killing me.... i am guessins steam bending, but any thoughts would be appreciated...




RE: /Fiberglassing rear deck and combing on millcreek 13


What are you trying to do with the coaming trim?  No need to steam what runs up each side of the boat.  Just slather on epoxy and clamp the pieces in place.  Do not attempt to wrap it around the forward end.  You can make a miter joint there or bevel the endss back at 45 degrees or so.  As I incidated above, I put a trim piece on the curved aft coaming.  This is a short piece that bends to match camber so I did steam that one and pre-bent it on a jig.

Paul G

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