what wood dyes

Hi everyone

I would like to colour the deck on my ch17, what type of dye should i get. I have looked at other posts and some seem to contradict each other. Oh by the way I wish to colour the timber with a clear coat over the top I will be using the  bote cote product.

Thanks in advance from Trev in OZ

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RE: what wood dyes


RE: what wood dyes

I was tempted briefly to try doing something insane:  a 2" border painted black around the deck, to cover the nails, blended into a "tobacco" sunburst like on one of these:


I don't have the skills, and such a thing might just be weird, but it would certainly be eye-catching...

RE: what wood dyes


A one ounce packet of water soluble aniline dye is all you will need. I used the #23 Mahogany for my MC 16.5. Apply with thinned out wash coats and gradually increase the concentration until you get the darkness you want. Just keep in mind that it will not dye epoxy and you must be very neat if you want to dye the kayak.

See the following post... Dyed MC 16.5 deck is finally on.



RE: what wood dyes

Thanks for your help i have emailed wd lockwoods to see if they do international orders as i am in australia and can't source any dyes locally.

Regards from Trev

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