Pax 20

Any one build a pax 20, how did it go and how do you like paddeling it?


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RE: Pax 20

They build much like a Chesapeake exept the stern which is a little different but not hard.

About the paddling: This is not a good first kayak. If you think "race boat" you will be in the right place, very fast, tracks very well, hard to turn, not a lot of stability, your high and low bracing techniques had better be good or you will spend a lot of time in the water.

What have you paddled a lot? 


RE: Pax 20

Yeah it went together ok, came it about 18 lbs. I left out the king planks and only glass fibred the outside hull. Deck left varnished.  The blunt ends look dorky so I make them sharp. I didn't find it went any faster than any other boat over a 5km distance. Disappointing really.  It probably has good speed potential for short straight sprints but the greater wetted area seems to take more energy to move it.  You would need to be a bloke with good muscle bulk over 180 lbs, powerful stroke and good stamina to make this boat pay off otherwise  I'd say you might be better off with a Shearwater or other multipurpose boat for general touring etc. 

RE: Pax 20

My Pax 20 was my first build and first boat.  I only had a few hours paddling expierence prior.  It went together well and not difficult.  I used the king planks and you do have to be carefull to strap them down well while the epoxy does it's thing,on the foward deck.  I did not try to shave weight, but wanted it strong.  I love this boat.  I refer to it as a flat water boat, but that's just me and my abilities.  I would average 5.7 knots over 7 to 8 miles.  I built a Georgian Bay by Laughing Loon and with same effort do 5.2 knots in 7 miles.   I wouldn't say it's hard to turn, just doesn't turn sharp.  Stay off narrow rivers.  In four years of use, nearly every day during the non-ice months in northern Michigan I only tipped it twice.  It feels tippy at first but you get used to it.  It also feels like it takes nothing to make it go.  And it does go.  I'm 6-1 and 190 and don't consider myself to be more than just  in reasonable shape for 62 years old.  It's a cool boat.

RE: Pax 20

Thanks for the info, I've paddeled alot in S.F. CA. Now i'm in Colorado and want a fast boat for lakes, anyone paddle the mystery and can compare to pax 20,

Thanks again


RE: Pax 20



How does it handle on rough weather?

Can it be loaded with some weekend camping gear?



RE: Pax 20

my daughter who goes off to college tomorrow as a first year

decided she wanted to build either a pax for speed

or a west river 18 for speed and for camping...

she went with the west river and hasn't looked back.

we've taken it on week long kayak camping trips...

as far as speed goes...

we can't keep up with her in that long, fast boat.

not sure she could be any faster or more versatile

with anything else!


RE: Pax 20

Evident from my previous post, I'm a Pax-20 advocate.  However, I must admitt it does not harbor space for camping gear as other kayaks may.  It's a great go fast, fun, paddle for fitness kayak.  For me, it is not a rough water boat.  It will handle rough water, with a spray skirt, but for me it excells as a flat water boat.

RE: Pax 20

ive built a pax 20 and a shearwater 17 and i much prefer the shearwater . the shearwater is a MUCH easier build , its much more comforatable  and stable . as for speed the pax has an edge paddling on flat water and at a racing pace but for  anything else i make better time with the shearwater

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