marine mahogany plywood

   I live in Halifax N.S. and the plywood available here is marine mahogany BS1080 A-1 VC in 4 x 8 sheets. Would this grade of plywood be good for the hull and bulkheads for POCKETSHIP.         Terry Kelly

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RE: marine mahogany plywood

You sure its mahogany plywood? That stuff is extremely rare nowdays and would cost a fortune.  Okoume, meranti, and sapele plywoods are sometimes incorrectly sold as "mahogany" or some equally incorrect designation including that word ("African mahogany", "Phillipine mahogany"...).  Although they are far inferior to true mahogany as boatbuilding lumber (eg, poor rot resistance), they are all are attractive and far less expensive, and are all ideal for stich and glue boats like the Pocketship, where the plywood is completely encased in plastic and never touches water.

I would bet you have one of these plywoods, and not mahogany. 





RE: marine mahogany plywood

    I am going to the supplier this week to look at the marine plywood he has available and I'll see if I can get some pics to post. It is not cheap at 83.50 for 1/4'' , 94.60 for 3/8'' , 124.80 for 1/2'' and 179.00 for 3/4.   Terry

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