Kayak building advisor sought

I'm a 14 year old resident of Costa Mesa, California, and  I'm planning to put together a kayak kit as a project for school. The project requirements include finding someone to meet with me occasionally as an advisor. If you live in Southern California and would be willing to share your expertise on building kayaks, please let me know. My initial plan is to build a kit for a Chesapeake Wood Duck, either stitch and glue or hybrid.

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RE: Kayak building advisor sought

Might I suggest that you attend the CLC demo in Newport Beach on Sept. 5.  You may find someone there who could help you out.  I would be more than happy to provide some advice and consultation, but I live in Palm Desert so getting together would not be so easy. (Have built a MC 16.5 and am currently building a Shearwater 17 Hybrid)

Good luck and I hope you find someone close who can help you out.

Paul G.

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