New Dory at Blackburn Challange?

There was a S+G dory at this years Blackburn Challange <> and I was wondering if anyone knew whose it was and if it was a CLC boat. It looked great FYI.


Just wondering,


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RE: New Dory at Blackburn Challange?


That was a Northeaster Dory, built by John Ziegler.  I see he won his class in the boat.

RE: New Dory at Blackburn Challange?

Hmm, I missed it in the results page. There it is in "Work Boats, Single".


Anyway, that's a great result and a good endorsement for the Northeaster Dory. I've entered in my Chesapeak 17 lt a couple of times now in the sea kayak class and finished respectably.


RE: New Dory at Blackburn Challange?


 Is it a full circumnav of Cape Ann?  The only pictures I noticed on there were taken in the Annisquam river.  Having sailed that area for years (our boat is off Niles Beach), I'd be interested in doing the Blackburn in a year or two now that I'll have a fast enough boat- the C16.  How long did it take you in the 17lt??



RE: New Dory at Blackburn Challange?


It's pretty close to all the way around. I measured 19.5mi with my GPS. The start is behind the High School, just north of the railroad bridge, and the finnish is in Gloucester harbor at the "greasy pole" (a local landmark).


My time was 3hrs 42min. and it was good enough for 6th place.


I brought a few safety items like a compass, chart, and the required PFD, plus I  had a camelback for hydration. It's really a great race because it draws competitors from all over and everyone is friendly and helpful.



RE: New Dory at Blackburn Challange?

That was indeed John Zeigler (me) in the yellow NE Dory.  It was in the working class fixed seat division and I had never used the boat before. In fact, the varnish was still wet the day before when I drove 7 hrs to Gloucester from South Jersey.  I guessed at the placement of the oars but all worked out well : )

 I will be moving to Hawaii at the end of the summer 2010. So I am starting now to sell some things that can't be shipped like this dory. I have a sail quite suitable for the NE dory but have not installed the centerboard or made a rudder. I will sell with or without the sail, trailer, or Concept 2 carbon oars. I will repaint (some scratches from Blackburn/the paint was still too soft when I launched the next day). AND I can laser cut patterns for the rudder and centerboard on my commercial laser.

Feel free to contact me for more photos and pricing

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