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My query for feedback from anyone who has built the Independence Model Sailboat was posted to the Bazaar, my mistake.  I am inclined to try to build from the manual and plans - will welcome any comments.



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RE: RC Model Sailboat

I bought the kit, complete with manual, but there were no plans to speak of except the sail and boat specifics, on two sheets.  I built a Skerry in stitch and glue in class instruction and figured the Independence would be a piece of cake.  It's not a piece of cake.  I guess if you're a skilled woodworker and could make the pieces as precisely as the laser cut wood pieces in the kit, you're probably good to go.  I'm not that skilled and wouldn't begin to work from scratch.  The frames are critical as are the planks, in bringing the hull together properly,  It;s not as easy as it looks.  I've stitched mine three times already and finally got the right fit.  Incorrect beveling of planks didn't help me either, owing to my misunderstanding some of the manual instructions.  The bow is the toughest part to bring together and I've already had to improvise in a few places where I've either broken a piece and had to repair it, or tack glue in spots before it was supposed to be necessary.   I'm still working on mine and getting ready to glue it all together and remove the stitches.  Me, I'm a kit guy.  Good luck.  Bob H.

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