Varnish Drying Time?


I brushed on a thin coat of Interlux Schooner Varnish to my PMD interior (finally!) about 36 hours ago. It's still tacky. Temp in my garage range from 70 F at night to 95 F day. The varnish was a few years old, but unopened in its original container. I stirred it well, and did not thin it. 

Is it normal for varnish to take so long to dry?

Dare I use more of this can, or should I chuck it and get a new one?


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RE: Varnish Drying Time?

The quick answer to your question: no, varnish should not still be tacky after 36 hours (or after 20 hours for the matter).  I have a feeling that after sitting, even un-opened, the 'solids' in the varnish may have settled out.  Without those, you're probably going to have a perpetually tacky surface.  I'm not sure what you should do at this point... maybe scrap it off with some thinner and start over with fresh stuff.  

Thanks Sail114,

Much as I hate do do it, I've started removing the varnish: a rag soaked in mineral spirits does the trick quite nicely. Thanks for the advice.

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