Varnish Drying Time?


I brushed on a thin coat of Interlux Schooner Varnish to my PMD interior (finally!) about 36 hours ago. It's still tacky. Temp in my garage range from 70 F at night to 95 F day. The varnish was a few years old, but unopened in its original container. I stirred it well, and did not thin it. 

Is it normal for varnish to take so long to dry?

Dare I use more of this can, or should I chuck it and get a new one?


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RE: Varnish Drying Time?

You may want to try some circulation of air even though this can add dust.  It's own fumes if not allowed to escape can keep it tacky.

Your other option to see if that is the problem is to brush some on scrap and leave in the open to see if it dries

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