San O, after fibreglassing hull, some issues.....

Hi there just some things I want to clear up,

 I succesfully fibreglassed the hull all neat and tidy on the San O paddeboard. But I found fibreglassing the deck slightly more tricky, although I squidgied all as much resin out but not so much to cause 'floating' of the fibreglass, when I returned it has a few bumps that will need to be sanded out.

 Also, my tape to fibreglass around the edges wasnt as liquid proof as I thought and the fibreglass from the deck to sides is glued as a wobbly line rather than a straight one and there are some runs going down the side I must have missed prior to drying.

So now what do i do? Do I just use 120 sand paper to smooth over any bumps making sure I dont sand into the fibreglass mesh, or do I paint new layers of epoxy on and only sand after that and between those layers in order to achieve a nice clean, smooth looking, paddleboard.

 Many thanks.

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RE: San O, after fibreglassing hull, some issues.....

Sand or scrape down the bumps and the "wobbly line" where the tape and glass overlap.  You'll never notice it in the finished board.


I assume you mean the epoxy is bumpy and not the fiberglass itself.  If you have "bubbles" or folds in the fiberglass, you'd be better served cutting them out and patching over them, otherwise you'll have an uncomfortable spot to lay on that's also causing a loss of strength (due to the fiberglass not being a continuous plane across the wood).



RE: San O, after fibreglassing hull, some issues.....

Hi Frank,

Most is just thicker layers over the fibreglass and runs. Some are bubbles and folds but very small including some areas where the deck meets the sides.

When I left I waited until it was very tacky and I was certain there were none oh well I guess some small patch creation etc, which is ok as I am gluing on the skeg today so can do some of that while it is drying, one thing there is loads of fibreglass left from the offcuts.

RE: San O, after fibreglassing hull, some issues.....

Yeah, I had enough left over glass from my boat to put glass inside the cockpit both hull and deck (not called for in plans).  There's always extra glass, especially in small pieces, so you should be good to go there.  Some of the bubbling is due to outgassing of the epoxy, I believe, and that should just come out with scraping and sanding. 

Good luck with it.


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