What do i have? 17 or 17LT????

I just inherited Chesapeake 17’ kayak from my grandfather.
A buddy of his built it, gave it to him, and now I have it.
Its never been in the water and still needs some finishing touches.


Only problem… not sure exactly what I have.  I have 2 pages of the plans and only one mentions its size.  It just says CHESAPEAKE 17 on page 2 of 4.  Page 4 just says CHESAPEAK.  The plans are dated 4-14-97.


You can see my concern here… with the diminishing information by page, who knows if the 1st page actually said CHESAPEAKE 17 LT???  


I’ve measured from tip to tip and it seams to measure 17’ (the normal 17 length), but the tape measure bends slightly due to the cockpit so it could in fact measure 6’11” (the LT length).


If anyone can help, I’d greatly appreciate it.




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RE: What do i have? 17 or 17LT????


The 17 & 17LT are the same length. The difference is in the height of the sides on the back half (behind the cockpit). My plans are downstairs so I don't have the exact number, but here's a couple of line drawings showing the difference. You can see the originals on the product pages for the 17 & 17LT.

Based on what you see on the labels, I'd say it's a 17, not a 17LT.




Chesapeake 17

Chesapeake 17LT

RE: What do i have? 17 or 17LT????

measure the beam.

 C17 - 24", 17LT - 23"

 Hope you enjoy your inheritance.

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