filling outside gaps in chines

Hi all,

 Just finished glassing the interior of the hull (came out great... thanks for all the tabbing/filleting advice!!  I got away with using about 1/4 of the supplied woodflour for the whole process and have about 3/4" fillets), and am getting ready to prep the hull for glass.  Do people usually fill the chine gaps (fill/fair with epoxy/wood flour) before or after rounding them off?  I know the wood flour is hard as a rock once it hardens, which could make fairing the chines a bit more difficult.   


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RE: filling outside gaps in chines

Yes, fill in the little gaps between the panels with epoxy/wood flour mixture before rounding over the chines/keel and finish sanding the outside of the hull. Just work the putty into any little cracks and smooth it off with plastic squeegee or equivalent. Chines and keel are easy to sand regardless of putty. If anything, you need to be a little careful there not to cut into them too deeply.




RE: filling outside gaps in chines

Great.  Thanks for the info!  Also, I know the manual only states to do two coats of epoxy on the interior of the hull, but should I worry about doing more to fill the weave in the cockpit?  I'm thinking about all those entries/exits and how they could eventually wear down the glass.  

RE: filling outside gaps in chines

I just finished the process of filling the gap in the chines and then sanding the hull.  The sanded out nigely with my 1/4 sheet sander.  Overall I think that filling those gaps adds some nice lines to the kayak.  Here is a picture of where I am now.

RE: filling outside gaps in chines

One more thing.....

I highly recommend taping all the gaps carfully prior to adding the filler.  I used a normal putty knife to add the filler and it worked out nicely.

RE: filling outside gaps in chines

Hi Danno,

 Thanks for the reply.  Those chines look great!  I actually filled mine last night, and did tape off the seams and then applied with a putty knife.  It made things easier by far. 

 That glass looks great, by the way! 


(If you ever want to compare notes, I'm just up the road in Worcester)

RE: filling outside gaps in chines

Chris, I was at Bigelow Hollow State Park this weekend hiking around Mashapaug Pond.  Have you heard of it? It seems like a beautiful place to make my maiden voyage. Its right off I-84 Exit 73 at the Mass line.

As far as progress on the Kayak.....I just made my Forward Deck Beam and installed it Sunday, July 19.  Thanks for mentioning the glass comeing out nice. I have never done fiberglass like this but I have done vinyl wraps for cars and the technique is similar to keeping bubbles and smoothing things out.

(We could meet up sometime when these things are done if you want. I have another friend that finished his too. I am always up for finding new places to go Kayaking.) 

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