artwork and veneers

I am in the process of researching veneers to create custom onlays. I don't know which type of veneer is ideal, though. I have looked at 2-ply veneers, 1/32" no-backing veneers, and 1/16" no-backing veneers. Paperbacked veneer seem to be the best choice due to its flexibility and cutting ease.

Anyone have veneering experience?


Thanks for your help.



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RE: artwork and veneers

I get all my veneers from B&B Rare Woods, no paper backing. I cover the "front" side of the veneer with 2" blue painter's tape and draw the image in reverse on the "back" side. The tape will prevent the veneer from splitting when you cut it out. I use scissors for the large pieces and a snap off utility knife for the smaller ones. I use white carpenters glue as squeeze out wipes up with a damp cloth. If I'm covering a large surface with a large piece of veneer I use epoxy slightly thickened with cabosil or silica. Once the glue is dry I peel off the tape and sand the veneer with 220, especially the edges, feathering them in as much as possible. The veneer is glued directly to the deck, 4 oz cloth over that and thin fill coats of epoxy, sanding in between, till it's smooth.

And Laszlo, I'm still in Cali waiting for the launch!

George K.West River 18

RE: artwork and veneers


George is one of the 2 onlay masters for CLC boats (Joey Schott is the other). Having seen both of their boats in person, you can't get much better advice than theirs for how to do onlays.


I figured. Getting annoying, isn't it? Maybe today will be the lucky day. How many jackrabbits you caught? In the meantime, you got e-mail access out there?



RE: artwork and veneers


Thanks for the compliment and you can reach me at And have you ever tried to catch one of them things?

Next attempt is Wednesday, Thursday is the last attempt till the 27th. My butt is stuck here till it gets up and comes down somewhere. Then I get the August launch as well. Nothing like spending the summer in the desert.

George K.

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