Eastport Pram Transoms

This is probably a rookie mistake, but I am a rookie so I guess it will be ok to ask.

 I have completed wiring panels 1 & 2 for the left and right side to the bottom panel.  Now it is time to add the transoms and they don't seem to fit.  What I mean by they don't seem to fit is that the notches in the transoms don't seem to match the panels.

 I thought maybe the wires were just too tight, but I have loosend them all the way and I still can't get the transoms in.  Any advice?

 Thanks in advance.

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RE: Eastport Pram Transoms


I built an EP from a kit 4 years ago. Some of the panels didn't quite match up with the notches in the transoms. I just filled in the gaps with plenty of epoxy/woodflour mixture.

I've just measured the largest panel-transom gap on my EP: 3/16".

Visually,  it's barely noticeable, as the woodflour really makes the epoxy blend in.

Strength-wise, it doesn't seem to be a problem either: I cartop my boat all the time, have hit submerged stumps at full (sailing) speed, and even survived 2 run-ins with manatees (daggerboard hits manatee, then frightened manatee kicks tale forcefully to get away, causing boat to rock violently as qually-frightened sailor curses and holds on thinking 'I hope that wasn't an orca').

Anyhow, if the gap between your panels & transoms is more than 1/4" or so, you might just try to continue stitching up all 4 panels, then see if the problem goes away (or at least the gap decreases to < 1/4".

 Good luck!


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