Horror-Advise Please

Pulled the winter cover (poly tarp) off my Chester Yawl to prep for a new coat of paint. Found three large patches of dark sicoloration on the bright transom. Patches at the sides wher they meet the hull strakes, Very indicative of water intrusion. The Interlux varnish (which got 2 new coats in the fall was undisturbed.

I thought the moisture could be coming from the aft air tank but realized the blotches were not behind the tank. Cannot figur where or what's causing this discoloration. Also couldn't figure how to post pics.

I really don't want to paint over a mahogany transom.



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RE: Horror-Advise Please

Similar problem with the transom on my Wherry except it's lighter patches.  My plan is to sand it all down, stain it a uniform mahogany color, and revarnish.  I can't tell what caused my problem but was there when i pulled the cover off.

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