Chesapeake -- Glassing the cockpit


I'm in the process of building a Chesapeake 16.  I've finished applying filltes and tape to the bow and stern sections.  I'm ready to move on to the center / cockpit section.


Is there a good reason why I shouldn't apply the fiberglass in the cockpit area now?  Also - is there a  structural need for tape over the fillets if I'm applying 6oz cloth throughout the cockpit area?


BTW - I followed Lazlo's advice to tab, cure, and remove the stiches (as endorsed by Wordsmith).  It worked beautifully! -- Of course, I'll let you all know if the boat falls apart after launching it!!!




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RE: Chesapeake -- Glassing the cockpit

Laszlo -- sorry for getting your name wrong above!! I meant - "I followed Laszlo's advice..."

RE: Chesapeake -- Glassing the cockpit

John - your ? about taping the cockpit fillets has been asked and answered many times on this Forum - the consensus seems to be (endorsed by CLC too, I believe) is that taping underneath the cockpit glass is NOT strictly necessary.   Some say that doing both is a bit of 'belt-and-braces' that adds but little to the overall weight - your choice: I omitted taping these fillets.  

PS - if the craft disintegrates at launch I'm outta here!


RE: Chesapeake -- Glassing the cockpit


I just glassed my C17 cockpit, and used the tape in the fore/aft holds.  I also did the tab/cure/remove thing.

I've hit many rocks, done beach landings (not in heavy surf though), slammed the bow down coming over chop, stood in the cockpit with the kayak on a concrete floor, dropped it and hung it from the roof from each end with gear in the cockpit...and no cracks, bending, damage or anything. 

Glass in the cockpit has been good for preventing wear as I'm often carrying sand, gravel, etc into the cockpit.

It's nicknamed "Sherman" as it's a bit like the tank: painted green, heavy, slow, nearly indestructible and not something you want running into you!


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