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 I'm just planning which kit to order. I plan to build one for my 12 year old (13 this year) first and then one for me.

 We'll be doing weekend or up to week long lightweight camping trips. I'm pretty sure the 16LT will suit Sam (the more so as he grows) and that myself and my wife will be able to paddle her too (just for fun) but I'm wondering if I should order a 17LT for me or if the 17 would be better.

We're used to backpacking, and what we in the UK call bivvying (sleeping with gore tex covers on our sleeping bags), so our gear is pretty minimalist. I'm just wondering if the extra space of the 17 will be essential for me to carry the extra gear Sam a. Would struggle to fit in or b. Would weigh him down too much and make him slow.

From past experience food is often the bulky item if you want to cook properly and in longer trips I find I need to...'army rations' are ok for a couple of days.

 I suppose I'm asking just how much space is there in a 17LT? 


 Nigel Modern

 PS I'm not being rude if I don't respond's nearly bedtime here

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RE: Chesapeake kayak - size

Having recently watched two mates paddle off to an island for overnight camping in their standard Chesapeake 17s I was absolutely amazed at the amount of gear the craft took!   Seeing it piled up on the ground before loading, I'd have bet a modest amount that there was no way in the world they'd have got it all in - but they did, comfortably!   Tent, sleeping bag, fishing gear, cooking gear, food, water, bott of wine each - no dramas!

The craft didn't appear weighed-down when on the water and they tell me it feels little different when under way.  

This CLC site says the LT (which is what I chose to build) has 20% less internal volume than the standard model.   From my observations, I'd think it would be more than enough to cope with what you've described.

In any event - enjoy!


RE: Chesapeake kayak - size

My Ches 16 is my camping kayak. In January used it for 10 days/9 nights thru the Everglades in Florida. No resupply stop, carried entire trips worth of food, water (10 gallons) and gear (tent, sleeping bag, clothes, fishing gear, not a minimalist).


RE: Chesapeake kayak - size

Fantastic guys...just what I wanted to hear. I'll order a 16LT, build it for Sam and decide what would suit me best. The extra glide on the 17LT I think is worth having but I guess it's a trade off of size and few extra pounds


RE: Chesapeake kayak - size


You should check with CLC on this question. I think the hulls of the 17 and 17LT are the same so the glide characteristics will be the same. The difference is the heights of the rear decks. I think that the LT series has a lower rear deck to facilitate rolling. It also presents a lower profile to the wind. But like I said, check with CLC.

RE: Chesapeake kayak - size

Thanks Dusty...I was referring to comparison between 16 and 17 LTs when talkin about glide. DM was extolling the virtues of the 16.

 I'm right on the cusp between the 16 and 17 in terms of weight but almost certainly will go for the 17 for me and 16 for Sam (going on 13)...too big for him now but he's growing fast and is a very good paddler.

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