joining bungees

Finally fitting out our pair of much loved wood ducks, has anyone come up with a more elegant way of joining the bungees rather than the ugly knot ?

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RE: joining bungees

A knot has this advantage: you can untie it to re-varnish.  If you are using the disappera-into-the-hull type bungee I suppose you could tie the knot under the deck, so above deck would be nothing but smooth bungees.  I used a water knot, though a double fisherman's knot is standard.  

RE: joining bungees

P&M - before you start to add the bungees ask yourself why you want them at all, or are you merely following the instructions and/ or pics you have seen of other WDs.

In my mind (and I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that!) too many otherwise sleek and attractive craft are somewhat spoiled by an excess of bungees and/ or nylon straps securing hatch lids, etc.   I have said before and say again - often it's a bit like putting a roof-rack on a Rolls-Royce.

If you have to, I'd suggest joining the bungee cords with some whipping line. Simply make a short loop in each bungee end to be joined (say 1" in inside length), and pass a length of whipping line or cord TIGHTLY around the two ends of each bungee, forming an 'eye', so as to compress it and secure it firmly to itself.   The length of the whipping line as wrapped around should be about a half inch.   Secure the whipping line by passing it back on itself through a loop, and finally melt the end with match or lighter.  

Then, pass the to-be-joined end of the other bungee through the loop or eye, and repeat the whipping.   A word - if you use very fine waxed whipping line it can cut the hands as you pull it tightly - wear gloves to avoid this!


RE: joining bungees

The slickest method I've seen is the one described by Joe Greenley of Redfish Kayaks.  I've used it, and years later the bungees are still holding.  Here's a link to a post where he describes his technique:


RE: joining bungees

You can get some plastic (nylon maybe) hooks from West Marine that clamp onto bungee.  I put a hook on each end and hook them together.  It looks great.

Paul G

RE: joining bungees

I agree with Ross. I glued the bungies and that was five years ago for one boat and four years ago for the other. this year I am refinishing both boats and I will just cut the bungees and replace. It is time now that the UV has started to takes measure.


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