possible Skerry modification idea

I am looking at building a Skerry but I have a design modification idea and wanted to see if anyone who has already built a Skerry might have some input.  Two things I noticed about the design is there is not a lot of buoyancy if the boat is capsized, and there is nothing to brace your feet against while you row in the aft rowing position.   Also the aft and forward bulkheads are not symmetrically placed in the boat, the aft is farther back.  Has anyone tried to duplicate the forward bulkhead and forward seat panels and use them in the aft of the boat?  This would make the bulkhead placement symmetrical, increase the sealed airtank capacity for capsizing, and provide something for the aft rower to brace their feet against.   This would only work of course if the hull was symmetrical which at least from the pictures it appears to be.

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RE: possible Skerry modification idea

If you are concerned about bouancy volume yu can certainly extend the aft compartment forward whether or not the hull is symetrical (which I double it is).  I am sure CLC coult tell you the amount of positive bouyancy this boat has.  It may be more than you think.  If you move the bulkhead, be careful that you do not crowd the space to sit on the floorboards when sailing.  I also have noticed the lack of a foot stretcher when rowing this boat.  This could be as simple as a wooden cleat on the floorboards (which is what my childhood rowboat had), or, if you move the aft bulkhead, that would work also.

 Paul G

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