Special wire twisting tool

Folks, someone posted a message about a particular tool used especially well for copper wire twists on stitch and glue boats.  I've looked for the post on the CLC site but can't find it.  Does anyone remember the post or can someone point me to it?  Any opinions about the tool?  If I remember correctly it's used specifically in the airline industry.  Any replies appreciated.  best,  bob h

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RE: Special wire twisting tool


Wire twisters are used in the aviation industry to twist safety wires on various fasteners. They are very easy to use and produce very even twists. The amount of tension and number of twists per unit length of wire is determined by the user. Try Aircraft Spruce and Specialty or other aviation maintenance supply houses and search for "Safety wire twisters". For occasional use with wire .035" and smaller consider the 6" model. You should pay $50-60 for the tool.

RE: Special wire twisting tool

Thanks for the tip. I found them here at the site you suggested for $50. Note that they also have an economy version for $20.

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