Earth pigments

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I am considering using Burnt Sienna suspended in water as a medium on my Millcreek 16.5 deck .Is this a bad idea? I am unsure if i could overload with pigment and have an Epoxy adhesion problem.

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RE: Earth pigments

 I used analine dye to color my kayak. Woodworkers supply carries about 75 colors of water based dye. They are easy to use and allow the grain to show through. I have not figured out how to put a picture on this message yet so i can't show you.

RE: Earth pigments

Posting pictures is pretty easy once one figures it out.  You need to have the photo hosted by another photobucket or flikr.  Once hosted, you just click the little "tree" symbol at the bottom of the message window, copy in the "direct link" address for that photo in the "Image URL".  The address may look similar to this. If I did this correct, the example address I provided should also be a link to the photo I am putting in this post.  Another thing to consider is the size of the photo.  I think only 500 pixels wide will show up in this forum...the rest will just get cut off.  So you may need to resize your photos to make them fit.

This is my brother's Cape Charles 18 I restored last summer.  Having never worked with epoxy or boat building, I think it turned out OK.

RE: Earth pigments


Here's a picture of the wood thars been dyed. If you use a water based "dye" you should not have problems.

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