I lost my Sassafras 12' manual

Help.  I have lost (misplaced) the manual for the Sassafras 12. I need to know where to fiberglass the hull - from the bottom to the first lap or the second or the entire outside or... and do I fiberglass the inside also?

BTW - there is no place to check in the Builder's Clubs for the Millcreek 15 I built.  I would be interested to learn of others experience with the MC 15.  Why was it discontinued..lack of interest - not for amateurs - othere...?

Thanks for your attendance to these queries.


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RE: I lost my Sassafras 12' manual

Mark, on the outside, you glass only the bottom planks (to the first lap) and on the inside, you glass the bottom and the next one (to the second lap).

Sounds like you are nearly finished, please post a pic when it is ready for launching.


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