I'm building mill creek16.5.  Is it better to install hatches on the deeck or cut the holes in the bulk heads?

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RE: storage

Personal preference really. When I purchased my kit I oredered the flush hatch kit but when it came time to install them I opted out, for two reasons. 1) I didn't want to cut a big hole in my nice bright deck and 2) for various reasons my build time was quite long and I was itching to get it on the water.

Also, I had decided we weren't going to be doing any overnight camping with the kayak (we have other options for that). The Millcreek was only for day paddling on the lake however I have decided to purchase one of those round plastic scre type fitings for the aft bulkhead behind the seat.

This will give us a little bit of dry safe storage as well as keeping the large forward compartment  airtight for flotation - piece of mind for my paddling partner (our lake can cut up quite rough).



RE: storage

Forgot to say in last post that you wont be able to (easily) reach a hatch in the forward bulkhead so if you want storage in the forward compartment it will have to be via the deck.

Apologies for the typo's in last post also. 

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