Sassafras 12'

Mine is 1 year old and I added float bags. 

I did a pool trial today to get back in, and to test the bulkheads.  I remember from last year that I had a leaky bulkhead and I now know that the rear bulk head is the one.  Since I have the float bags, I could probably remove it altogether and just use the float bag to the tip.  I would cut it out, and then leave about an inch around, so that it still provides structure, and acts more like a rib that a true bulk head.  I have two of the 6" round hatches and they could also be the thing that leaks.  Although, the forward one was a little wet, but the aft was full.

What's your advice?  Try to seal the leaky one?  Or remove it and just use the float bag?



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RE: Sassafras 12'

Assuming you can't see a big bloody hole somewhere around where the bulkhead (or deck) joins the hull, then hatches are the most likely culprit.

Hatches always leak somewhat, even the screw-in type with the O-ring seal. could be where the hatch screws into the outer ring, or where the outer ring seals against the bulkhead.

 But usually you get some water in, not completely full of water...

Not sure how much time it took to fill the aft buoyancy tank, but anything less than, say, an hour is a real worry. Unsafe/unseaworthy, in my opinion. You should do you best to ensure positive bouyancy - find the leak, and seal it as well as you can, and add float bags, wine cask bladers, foam or anything else that will ensure your boat remains on the surface when things get ugly.


RE: Sassafras 12'

I took your suggestion to repair the leak.  To find out where is was leaking from, I tilted the boat on end, much like doing an end pour.  And then filled that space with water.  Just like finding leaks in inner tubes at garages of ages past, the air leaves a tell-tale sign of bubbles from the offending leak.  I should have thought of this sooner, but for some reason, like in this post, I am showing signs of age.

Anyways, in my case, the leak was around one of the screws.  An easy fix.  The hatch seems to be rather well sealed.  I'll have to repeat the test once I fix it, to make sure there isn't another leak.

I took a photo, like watching divers while on the surface, to see the bubbles, but I cannot figure out how to post.  Must the image be hosted someplace on a server?  Or can the photos be hosted by clcboats?


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