Wood duck is finished!

Hello all,

After many months of work my wood duck is finally complete, despite my amatuer woodworking skills.  The whole project took me just under 100 hours, which does not include many hours of just staring at the project, trying to get out of one jam or another.  It also doesn't include the hours lurking on this forum, which, by the way, made many decisions on how to proceed very difficult since there are so many boat builders with great ideas out there!  Thanks to all, though you don't know who you are, for all of the tips and advice on this forum.  

I took her out for the maiden voyage, and she drives like a dream.  I have a feeling my 8 year old  plastic kayak will have a very lonely summer.


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RE: Wood duck is finished!

Beautiful work Don! Now you just have to get someone you love to put the first scratch in that gorgeous varnished finish.

RE: Wood duck is finished!

Beautiful job ! You really do not need to say much more than that. Looks picture perfect.

RE: Wood duck is finished!


If those are amateur woodworking skills, I'm a little intimidated by what'll happen when you go pro. You did one of the neatest jobs of closing up the bow that I've seen. Well done, welcome to the Duck fleet.



RE: Wood duck is finished!

Don, congratulations, it looks great! Now if I could just get my WD to the water more often...

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