broken bilge plank

I am buinding 16.5 mill craft (1st time) I broke the bilge panel moving it around to match stitch holes. I reglued it and it is in clamps now. Is this going to work in the end process or do I need to order new planks?

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RE: broken bilge plank

After the epoxy has surely cured, look at the panel to see if you still like the looks of it.  Then Carefully flex the panel to see if it will take a fair curve.  If so, use it.  You're going to glass the outside anyway and the edges of the panel will have fillets.  If the plans call for glass tape over the fillets, those joints will be even stronger.  If you are uncomfortable handling the panel before stitching your hull together, put a strip of reinforcing glass across the middle of the break, leaving some bare ply along each side for the fillets (cut the ends of the patch round or pointed - straight, vertical ends of a patch will probably print through to the outside of the panel as a hard spot). After the hull is together and fair, you can always add 'reassurance glass' on the inside.

The panels will stiffen up a lot once you have the hull stitched.  If the broken/repaired panel won't allow you to true and fair the hull, that's when you need to decide about replacing the panel.  If the panel just looks ugly because of the crack, but you can get a fair hull, you can opt to paint your hull.  No one will know unless you tell them.

I worry a lot about the flimsy panels as I maneuver them around before stitching.  When working by myself, I'm extra careful, doubling up with other panels or an eight-foot or longer 1x2 or something.  Just be careful and patient .

Good luck.

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