Okay, I have used epoxy extensively before and I swore this would never happen to me, but the second coat of epoxy on my hull is still sticky after about 12 hours.  My worst fear may be reality.  My hardener pump was sputtering a little this morning, but the volume appeared to be okay.  In hindsight, I think I was nearing the bottom of the hardener container.  Anyway, I'm afraid my ratio may be slightly off and preventing a cure.

This second weave filling coat is thin.  What do I do if it remains tacky?

The project has gone really well before this hiccup.  I'm really hoping for a cure!  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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RE: Sticky....

Epoxy should be hard to the touch in 12-24 hours at around 70 degrees.  If it is still tacky after 24 hours, try turning up the heat for a few hours if you can.  Never do that with the first coat of resin over bare wood or you'll have bubbles from the wood outgassing.  You should be okay in that regard since this is the second coat.  If that doesn't work apply another properly mixed thin coat of resin. Jer  (aka mtsailor)

RE: Sticky....

I guess I rushed to judgement.  It set up a few hours later and is no longer sticky or tacky.  Phew!!

It may have been slightly cooler yesterday in my building space.  I didn't think the ratio could have been off by much.


RE: Sticky....

I ran into the same problem - twice. The first time was because I didn't mix the epoxy thoroughly; the second time was because the pumps were not dispensing proper amounts. Even though I had calibrated the pumps and was careful to let them fully return on each press, I ran out of resin before I ran out of hardener. It should have been the other way around. After that I tossed out the pumps and simply measured the volumes of resin and hardener and had no more problems.

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