WD10 Hybrid

After mulling it over for about 5 years, I finally decided to build a kit boat and ordered a Wood Duck 10 Hybrid yesterday.  I chose it for the manageable size, apparent stability, and good looks.  I'm building it for my wife, which is why she let me buy it :)

I'm worried about it though, as I have zero wood working skills and I just read a post from a guy in New Zealand who recently finished a beautiful Mill Creek, and it took him a year to build.  I don't think I can occupy our back porch that long and suddenly winter isn't far away.

Any advice welcome.  Thanks.

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RE: WD10 Hybrid


The length of time varies greatly. CLC runs classes where, with the aid of an instructor, the boat is structurally complete in a week. For some people it's a multi-year effort. For most of us it's somewhere in the middle.

The way to keep the build time short is to:

1. Completely read the manual before you start anything.

2. Buy the kit.

3. Do something boat-related every day, even if it's just cleaning up and organizing the workspace.

4. For first time builders, order extra wire, epoxy and woodflour. First timers tend to use more of these. Running out and having to wait for more to arrive breaks the workflow and causes loss of momentum. There's also the danger of getting caught up in a different project while waiting for the stuff.

5. Associate with other boatbuilders. Best of all is if you can find a local boat buddy who's already built a boat or two. A friend who can cheer you on iand encourage your obsession is a good alternative. Failing that, there's always this forum.

6. Depending on you goals, decide to go with a workboat finish. I suspect that's not an option for you, otherwise you wouldn't have ordered the hybrid kit, but simplifying the finish can drastically reduce the build time. It can easily take weeks, or even months, off the length of time it takes to complete a boat.

So good luck and don't worry, enjoy the build.




RE: WD10 Hybrid

Thanks Laszlo.  I ordered the extra stuff.

RE: WD10 Hybrid

I am finishing my second boat, the first and Annapolis Wherry and the current project a Kaholo. One important lesson learned from the first boat was to spend enough time setting up my work table (3 sawhorses).  In addition to making sure they are sturdy and will accomodate the boat either rightside up or upside down make sure they are at a comfortable working hieght.  On the first boat my table was about 8 inches too low and my old back complained at the bending.  This boat, with no bending, has been a lot more fun.

Good luck, enjoy the process !



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