Notes on the RC Independence Kit and Instructions

Folks, read the instructions for this new kit very carefully.  I have had to replace two chine panels because I missed a note on beveling the two chine panels.  I beveled all the way around when they only wanted to be beveled on the two edges.  My fault; my head was up my arse.  However, a note to CLC:   PUT THIS IN BOLD FACE IN A REVISION TO THE MANUAL.  IT'S EASY TO MISS and an expensive $40 replacement!  A skilled worker may have made this work, but not me a novice builder.

In addition, the manual says to choose the better finished sides for all the hull pieces for the exterior surfaces in the event of desiring a varnished exterior to a painted one.  On the same page, the deck is also included in this instruction. WRONG and misleading!  The deck is drilled with pilot holes for certain fittings down the road and there is a definite interior and exteriorc deck.  Of course, my chosen finish for the exterior was the wrong one and now I'll hve to re-drill these holes precisely on the mirror image.  Not the end of the world, but still, a reminder to go slow and pay attention. And a note to CLC to point this difference in the deck out much sooner than page 23!

I'll keep y'all posted on future developments as necessary.  Still, a fun kit and lookikng forward to sailing,  bob h

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