Working with the Northeaster Dory kit

I used two techniques to reduce fussing with details during glueing of bulkheads and dolls-head (= puzzle) joints:

I lined up all three (2) bulkhead layers, clamped, and drilled two 1/4 inch register holes; inserted 1/4 in. hardwood dowels. During glue-up, I applied MAS to the dowels and inserted them into two layers for register, then added the third layer using the protruding dowel to align. No slippage during pressure application.

After working harder than I thought I should getting a couple of dolls-head joints to stay flat, I used duct tape backing applied to a receiver joint piece on a flat surface, and used minimal MAS epoxy on the edges. The free work piece had epoxy applied generously to edges, then the two ends joined and aligned under pressure. This use of tape kept the joint margins flat and reduced epoxy seep and pooling below the curing union. Yes, it comes off easily, but needs a firm hand; it is quality duct tape.

I am just completing joining of all long lateral pieces preparatory to sanding before wiring together. More if I come across any other work-savers.

Denny Hugg - Kendall Avenue Boatyard & Winery - Gulfport, MS USA


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