Chesapeake 17 Launched

Here are some photos of my resently completed Chesapeake 17




 Here is the roller that I built to allow single loading of the boat

2 And the cart with removable wheels:

Thanks to all here for your help in answering my questions on the forum!




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RE: Chesapeake 17 Launched

One last photo that I forgot to put in the post

RE: Chesapeake 17 Launched

As a fellow Chesapeaker, Scott (17LT, completed March '09) allow me to congratulate you on a fine-looking craft.   Did you build from plans, or a kit?

I see you have the marquetry inlay of the compass rose on the foredeck, as I have - did you insert yours into the deck?   I'd have liked to, via a routered-out circle of the top veneer of the deck ply, but was concerned about the possibility of the deck splitting as it was being bent and fitted.

Enjoy the paddling!


RE: Chesapeake 17 Launched

Thanks Wordsmith, I built it from kit.  The marquetry is not inlaid but on deck under a layer of fiberglass.  I build ship models as a hobby and am used to working with fine veneers.  I had the same reservations as you did about the marquetry laying proud to the deck so I tried to feather the edges of the compass rose.  A BIG MISTAKE!  It looked horrrible under a finish so I made a dress pattern paper roundrel and put it over the compass rose to cover my botched feathering.  In the end it turns out that it is hard to tell that the compass rose is not inlaid on the deck.  Lesson learned: always follow the directions!



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