puzzle joints

I just started to build my Passagemaker and in glueing the first sets of strakes ther is a slight gap, .020-.025 in some areas.  (it looks like the bad joint in the pictures)  The joints are filled except in a  couple of areas where this is a 1/4 inch long gap I can put a fingernail in. 

Will the couple of coats of clear epoxy coat fill these; or is there something else I should do?




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RE: puzzle joints

you should be fine once you fill the weave. i made my own puzzle joints when i built my WD-12 from plans and had some gaps. after 3-coats of epoxy inside and out to fill the weave. i can see some spots of daylight through the tiny gaps but its water tight. i guess you could mix up a bit of thickened epoxy with the woodflour and fill but it i would think its not required (before you apply the glass).


RE: puzzle joints



Thanks for the reply.  These are above the water line and will not be glassed.  I think I will "touch up the joints when I do the next set with the thickened epoxy.


RE: puzzle joints

if you use the thickened epoxy just fill the crack try not to get it on the deck surface...its not fun to sand and you end up sanding through the ply-layers...take it from one who did.

good luck 

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