Don't do this

If you are about to glass the hull of small craft (in my case a Kaholo) don't use newspapers to protect the workroom floor from dripping epoxy.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.


p.s Any suggestions for an easy way to remove newpaper that has been epoxied to a cement floor ? 


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RE: Don't do this

Sandblast it when you get done.   Been there--done that, only it was Tractor paint overspray.   Neighbor sandblasted it for just a few bucks.

RE: Don't do this

Sadly, not everyone has an obliging neighbour who owns sand-blasting equipment!   If the area is quite small (say, where epoxy has dripped only from around the edges of the craft) maybe using an angle grider held at a very low angle might do the trick.

If not, maybe think laterally and re-surface the entire floor on top of the epoxy-newspaper mix!


RE: Don't do this

I was able to get rid of a few epoxy drips by heating it up with a small torch lighter (my good old stogie lighter...) and then quickly scrapping up with a putty knife. In most instances I needed to do a little scrubbing to clean up some burn marks; but in the end the worst I had was a few spots that were mysteriously cleaner then the rest of the floor.

RE: Don't do this

protect your floors with cardboard or something heavy enough that the epoxy will not penetrate next time.

Heat gun and metal scrapper should do the trick on the drips rabbit.

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