Sassafras 16 paint and varnish questions

As I race to finish my Sassafras 16 for summer, I have a few questions:

1.  should I paint the bottom (white, brightside interlux) first or varnish the inside first?

2.  i've sanded up to 150 grit and there are a few areas of exposed wood where I've sanded through the epoxy--must these be  recovered with epoxy? if so, what can i do to minimize the resanding effort needed in those areas?

3.  any tips on sanding the fillets that have wood flour in them--they seem pretty tough

4.  what is an inexpensive and readily available substitute of interlux's YMA601 cleaner?

5.  do i really need to use the interlux 202 dewaxer before pre-kote?

thanks for any input!


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RE: Sassafras 16 paint and varnish questions

i would paint first so when you varnish you can mask a line that lets the varnish overlap the paint by a 16th of an inch to protect the paint edge.

sanding fillets--i did a sassafrass kit in 2001.  i believe we have one chance to have smooth fillets, and that is when we apply them.  if you sand them now they might become too thin. when you varnish the inside of the hull you could paint the two bulkheads and thier fillets with the brightside paint.

cleaner--my old manuel said you could wash twice with dishsoap and water and rinse well before removing amine film.

interlux 202--the same clc booklet said i could use white vinegar or isopropyl alchohol instead for the procedure that invovled the 202. i glued mine up in summer with slow hardner which did not have a lotof 'amine blush' or film.

high build primer sold by clc made my brightside paint job look smooth

go slow--Mike




RE: Sassafras 16 paint and varnish questions

Thank you.

RE: Sassafras 16 paint and varnish questions

2. All wood should be covered with epoxy.

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