Phil Bolger 1927 - 2009


One of the most talented, prolific, and thought-provoking small boat designers of the last 100 years died on Sunday. 

When I get a chance I'll be posting some personal remembrances of Phil and his brilliant, singular career.  Suffice it to say that as a marine professional I am inestimably in his debt, and I will miss him, as will everyone who loves small boats.

If you're new to Phil Bolger, the Wikipedia article is helpful:

Here's the Gloucester Times article about his death, a little cub-reporterish but usable:


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RE: Phil Bolger 1927 - 2009

There is a letter from Phil's wife on the Duckworks site:

RE: Phil Bolger 1927 - 2009

Our world is a less interesting place today. Phil Bolger was a truly unique person who will be sadly missed. Over the past 45 years I bought all of his books as well as plans for eight of his boats, but built only one - a Cartopper sailing skiff. Five or six years ago I saw Phil at the WoodenBoat Show in Newport and had the honor of thanking him for making my life brighter. Sail on, Phil. We'll catch you next time around. - Wes Ewell

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