Kaholo fins and fin boxes

As I go about educating myself in my new world of Stand up paddleboarding, I immediately wonder about fins, fin boxes and fin placement on the Kaholo.

In looking at the Kaholo plans I can see no reason why I could not, with a little care and planning,  add three fin boxes  Two small fins one on each side and a main center fin.


given the newness of the Kaholo, I'll also send to CS at CLC.



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RE: Kaholo fins and fin boxes

The Kaholo uses a twin fin setup to keep the fins shorter for beach landings, i.e., harder to break off. A thruster setup as you envisioned would also work but is unneccessary in my opinion. However there would be no harm in using fin boxes for a twin fin setup. Also keep in mind the current twin fin setup uses two symetrical fins placed parallell to the center line of the board. In a thruster setup you will need to set the proper fin angle for the side fins and placement from the main center fin. Since this thing isn't really meant for surfing (although some have done it successfully in small waves) that may not be as critical to performance as on a surfboard.

George K.

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