painting kayak

I am building a Artic Hawk and plan to paint it Hull and deck. I have never seen a stitch an glue kayak totaly painted. Does any one have photos of a painted kayak.

Thanks Steve 

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RE: painting kayak

If you take a look at the Guillemot Kayaks website you will see a Night Heron S&G that is about 90% painted in a very snazzy design (some might disagree!), with just a little deck varnished.   I'm following a similar approach on my new Shearwater 17 S&G, which is very similar in appearance to the NH, with a mostly painted finish and just a little varnish.   Off to buy paint this afternoon,as a matter of interest!

Or look up Blue Heron Kayaks and see a 100% paint-finished S&G under the 'Sea Kayaker Magazine S&G' heading on that excellent site.

Cheers.. enjoy the paining.


RE: painting kayak

And enjoy the painTing!



RE: painting kayak

I am currently building a Night Heron (Guillemot) S&G. My plan is to have it completely coated with automotive paint. I expect to have the kayak on the water within three weeks and maybe even completed by the end of this summer (including the paint work). If you can hang on for that long, I will post pics of it after it has been completed.


Robert N Pruden

RE: painting kayak

Yes thank you. Looking forward to seeing photos. I plan to paint my hull black with a red deck and I am still thinking about some sort of pen stripes in white or red.

Thanks Steve

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