A new profitable CLC sailrig project might be this...


 A stowable upwind rig.  Sure, a couple of other companies have done it and with success. Perhaps a couple of akas in conforming to the curve of the deck from bow to stern for a tasteful stowing away till needed. A small leeboard as well. The amas could be inflatable.  Merely some pvc you aquaseal together or some such.

 Would it sail as well as the robust MKII.

 Not at all but itd be more affordable - something to consider in these economic times. The sail would be lighter as well to accomadate the stowable rigs light nature. But, sail it would.

 For the kayakers maybe not wanting to go the full route of the MKII or just wanting to sample the sailrig experience on a gentler set up this could be a seductive offer. And again, one that is dollar friendly. Who knows - maybe - on that note, add a sail you "assemble" yourself, much the way of the amas.

  I'm all very familiar with balogh by the way.  I would envision this still as an economical, even educational experience.


Just a thought guys!   I'm personally set up with all i need.  For those raising curious eyebrows with a hand on the wallet and an on the water conversion, this could be promising.



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